Below, you will find an introduction to a new online grammar game titled Grammatikus. As well as testing your English skills, it will entertain you with a fantastic story and challenge you to improve your knowledge.

If you are interested in playing, send me an email with your full name and home group in the subject line.

I will reply with your username and password

The test

The game includes instructions, followed by a short test.

You can navigate your way through different levels and ‘spend’ the money (points) you earn to upgrade your avatar.

Your results

The student who progressed the most over the next month will be rewarded with a prize!

Enjoy the journey!



This term you will be completing a series of creative Writing Folio Tasks and saving your work electronically.

Each piece of writing will allow you to explore new ideas and demonstrate your creativity and skill.

It is you responsibility to complete each task in class and then maintain your electronic writing folio. By doing this you are preparing your writing so that it can be shared and enjoyed by others.

Writing Folio Tasks as of 8/8/12

1/         Write across Victoria short story competition

2/         Butterfly, tent, house

3/         ‘From little things, big things grow’ poem

4/         Weather personified

You need to:

Use the headings provided, and then – if you wish – add your personalised title

Complete and type all tasks

Hand in your work on USB at the end of term when requested by the teacher